CFP late start up [Resolved]

hi, maybe this is not an important question,
i have CFP 2.4 running and automatically turned on when windows start up.great product,so far so good.
but can somebody explain, why everytime i turn on my computer, the windows security center warning shows up and warn me that CFP is turned off. and after a while the alert icon on bottom right tray replaced by CFP icon. it seems the CFP turns on a little bit too late.

no big deal, but a little annoying, i don’t like it when a YELLOW/RED warning shows up on my monitor. it gives me unsafe/imperfect feeling.

Greetings ganda,

I’ds say turn of that old security center!
If you ask me, it’s just piece of sh*t, you know better yourself if your programs is running or not.
If you want to disable it do this:
Open start menu, run ‘services.msc’ and then find Security center, then click it and disable it completely.
And not, it doesn’t decrease your security at all, possible increase boot time by few seconds or so, since all it does is giving you annoying pop-ups telling you that you don’t got a firewall/antivirus and should get one or enable the Windows built-in one.
Else set it to ‘manual’ and it’ll open if you access it thru the Control Panel.

And for CPF starting up slow, may I ask how much RAM you got, and also what is the speed of your CPU?
Might be that security center starts before cmdagent.exe(the CPF service), and thinks it’s not running.