CFP is Excellent but....

It really needs an option to block APNIC in it’s entirety! At least a sub-menu with all of China’s IP addresses. (:LGH) Since I have installed it, appoximately 95% of the scammer/spammer/hacker scans are coming from this region. I wish my ISP would go ahead and do it for me. It’s rediculous!
Seriously, an option to block certain geographical ranges of IP’s automatically would be a nice feature. It would save me some time and trouble anyway. :THNK

Other than that nonsense, I just wanted to chime in and say thanks for offering such a great security product for free. CFP is doing it’s job and it was a pleasure disabling the BITS service and firewall in XP! Anything that enables the shutdown of Windows services has to be a plus. It’s working perfectly with Avast 4.7 Home Ed and SuperAntiSpyware Pro 4.0.

Thanks again

Guy, what are you smokin’ over there??!
You want Comodo to “At least” provide a sub-menu with all of China’s IP addresses?!

You need to chill out buddy and leave your fantasy world.

It’s not as hard as it sounds. You don’t block every individual IP address. But you can block a range of addresses that are assigned to their servers.

you can go here, look up China and get all of the IP’s assigned to that country by IANA

I already have about 25% of Chinese IP’s blocked. Every time I see a repeat offender in my CFP logs, I add the entire range to my blocked list. I’m not fooling with them anymore. It can be done very easily with a little patience and a few beers to pass the time. :slight_smile: By the way, I don’t smoke the wacky weed!