CFP is blocking smb access to a winxp machine


At first sorry for my bad english…

Ich searched by google and here to find a solution but i can’t find one.

Here ist the Problem:

Machine 1 :

Windows XP Pro
one Folder to share
cfp actual release

machine 2 :
a linux on ( suse, knoppix etc )
no firewall active

both machines are in the same network 192.168.2.* / workgroup

if i try to connect via smb from linux to xp i can see the shares.
if i try to open a share i have to type in my accountname and pw.
so far ok. but then i only get “the file or folder smb://…/share does not exist”
this happens only on ntfs not on fat32. the access rigths of the shared folder are ok.

i tried to shut down cfp but no changes. same error.
i have tried the old, no connection , but when i shut down the fw then it goes.
so i think in the older one i could manage it about the fw rules.

but whats with the new version ? if tried all i know …

if anyone here could help i’m very grateful
Greets, Chris