cfp.HLP is missing (V3.0.18.309 X64) [CONFIRMED BUG - Ark]

When I press F1, the interface tries to bring up Comodo/Firewall/cfp.HLP, but as far as I can tell, this file was not installed anywhere. Cfp.chm is there, but it is only used when I click on “? What do these settings”.

I’m running xp x64 sp1, obviously on a 64bit CPU. My system drive is F rather than C, which is worth mentioning only because this is such an obvious bug and it seems no one has reported it yet. If you need more information, just ask.

It’s at the About window only, right? I can confirm this.

No, F1 doesn’t work from About (under Miscellaneous) either on my system. The Help window calls up the .chm, but F1 wants the .hlp in About and everywhere else I tried it.