CFP hangs after setting Defense+ mode to "disabled"

I alread searched for this issue, but didn’t find it here yet.

(using version

This always happens when I try to test if something is blocked because of the firewall.
So how do you do it? Yes: Disable Firewall & Defense, test again, then set it back to it’s old settings.
I do this by selecting the security-levels via the context menu of Comodo’s taskbar-icon.

I first set the firewall to “disabled” and then defense+ level also to “disabled”.

When I then try to set both back to their old modes, the taskbar-icon becomes inaccessible (no context menu on right click) and I also can’t start the firewall program from the start menu to bring up the GUI, so I have to restart the computer to get it back in “protected mode”.

This happened about 3 times now. Is it reproducable on other PCs?

I use a quite freshly set-up DELL Inspiron 6000 with a Pentium-M 1,7GHZ processor, 2GB RAM and Windows XP SP2.

I have a very similiar problem. If I change Defense+ to Paranoid Mode (my default one), I can’t open CFP thru the tray icon (works fine from installation folder).
Using CFP 32-bit on my Windows XP Professional SP2 32-bit PC. Only other running security software is CMF (and Sandboxie).
I’ve tried to re-install, but didn’t help (I used my own batch file for a complete uninstall). I’ve had this problem with an earlier build, but can’t remember which one.