CFP freezing my PC (Win XP)

After updating CFP to the latest version as of July 5th 2011, my Win XP system can not start any application. It just freezes and I have to shut the PC manually. Even shutting CFP via Windows Task Manager does not work.

CFP was started at OS start up with “…\cfp.exe” -h (What is the -h argument?).
I found out that I could go into CFP, shut it from within and start it again with command …\cfp.exe (w/o the -h argument) and then it stopped freezing applications.
To enhance performance I also stopped firewall and Defence+ llogging activities.
I edited the automatic start up by removing the -h argument but that caused the auto startup to stop
working. Now I have to start CFP manually.

Any clues ???


If you are running another AV than CAV, could you check that you put CFW’s files in the exceptions of the real time scanner of your AV. If not, do it and tell us in if it unfroze your computer.

I am running another AV (Avast free).
My machine is not frozen now after I removed the -h argument (I still don’t know what its purpose).
However starting CFP at OS start up is not working and I have to start it by double clicking its icon (Which starts CFP without the -h argument).
I would have uninstalled CFP and reinstall it but uninstalling CFP is difficult and I am not sure the problem will go away by reinstall ?
Thanks again.

I have never seen a cfp.exe -h. Clearly, there should be in the prefetch folder a cfp.exe -numbers and letters, bur the attribute will be longer than simply h.

In a recent experience with a test machine, I notice that the install of CFW 5.5.*1383 could be relatively messed up if Avast isn’t completely disable. I don’t remember that it was the case with previous versions and as Avast has also issued new releases recently, I can’t tell if the change comes from Comodo or Avast.

I suspect that even for a update of CFW program it is advised to disable Avast before proceeding to avoid a corrupt install and of course to put CFW’s files in the Avast’s exceptions.

I understand that you are relunctant to try to remove CFW and reinstall, but it is the best way to get a clean install of CFW.

Here is a tool to perform the uninstall of CFW. Run it Safe Mode if you decide to give it a try.

The -h hides the splash screen when the program starts up.

To Boris. The h switch is in the registry see screenshot.
Kind regards.
Edit: Removed advice already suggested above…

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To captainsticks and HeefeD,

My apologies, cfp.exe -h is not in the CIS folders under programs files nor under Doc. & settings/users/Applic.Data,
and I omitted to look in the registry keys.



Hi Boris. It will also show in msconfig startup due to the Reg entry, apology accepted but not required :).

I’ve seen this issue on two different machines - XP SP3, latest Avast, latest Comodo. I think it stated after updating the machines to the latest Comodo, .1383.

After boot, launching applications hang/freeze the machine requiring a reset.

The solution that worked for me was to put Avastsvc.exe as an installer/updater in Defense+ policy.

I also don’t run the Auto-Sandbox in Comodo, but that may have nothing to do with the fix.