CFP Firewall Installation Settings Question.

Have had v3 installed now since Tuesday the 20/11 and am very happy with it having had no problems at all with it.

Today I decided to have a look through the various settings etc. I installed mine with the recommended package as I say and notice that.

(1) Defence + is set at Clean PC mode which I will leave alone as my PC is very clean and everything is as it should be ie no problems.

(2) Firewall settings are set at Train With Safe Mode. ( How long is it recommended to leave it on train and what would you recommend setting it to eventually?)

(3) In Firewall Settings I noticed that the Alert Setting was set at low. On v2.4 I had this set at medium. Should I set it at medium again ?.

(4) Under Misc in Attack Detection Settings only the Do Protocol Analysis box is checked. Again in v2.4 three of the boxes were checked. Is it recommended to check any of the other three boxes here?.

As I say I am hugely impressed with the new version and would just like a little advice on the above mentioned queries.

I set firewall up to custom policy mode, defense+ to train with safe mode, alert settings to very high after most of the programs I use had run through the system-not sure it made any difference, but not harmful either. I have seen some problem reports from these settings being checked, so unchecked them all pending the next release. Everything runs well this way under Vista, but ran well the other way too. Quien Sabe? Try it and see. :wink:

If you want to try adding items to the Check list, do it one at a time. Some options produce a lot of pop-ups and can slow your system down initially. Once the learning curve is managed, the alerts taper off. You may want to uncheck the Miscellaneous>Settings>(general tab) “Show Balloon Messages” checkbox if you add extra checks. They persist for a few seconds and if there are a lot of them, it will look like your system has frozen.