cfp.exe vanishing

At random intervals cfp.exe will close itself without displaying any error messages and the CIS shield in the notification area will disappear on moving the mouse over it, just thought I would bring this up

ps does this render the computer open to attack and if so is there any planned fixes for it in the near future?

The firewall will block all incoming connections, while Defense+ will only block unknown requests if you enable the option in Defense+ > Advanced > Defense+ Settings > Block all unknown requests if the application is closed. This is possible because each component’s drivers are loaded before Windows.

but will there be a fix for it soon, is one planned?

Since this isn’t a common problem, I wouldn’t bet on a quick fix.

You can submit a bug report though and hope something may be done. Details on how to report a bug can be found in this thread. Important: how to submit bugreports (read this if you want them fixed)