cfp.exe uses 15.20% of my CPU permanently


My problem: the cfp.exe process uses 15.20% of my CPU power permanently.
My op sytem: win7 x64
My other security program: avast v7
Version of Cpf: latest.
Modules: fw active, defense+ disabled, sandbox: disabled.
The error is new, now appeared.

My settings are old and controlled: these settings work long time-without any error.

What is the problem here?


And a new big problem: cfp.exe uses a LOT OF memory!
More than 1,5 GB!
I have 4 GB ram.

first of all you need to exclude CIS in avast and then you need to choose what sandbox you want to use.

And how can I do this: “exclude CIS in avast”?

Avast has a lot of protection shields. Where can be found the necessary settings?

What sandbox you want use: I don’t like use any sandbox. The status of SB: completely disabled.

This video might help