CFP.exe Service? Auto restart

I recently came home from the shops to find a message on the computer saying that CIS had to shut down. Holy **** i thought, my firewall has been done for an hour! I restarted cfp.exe but now this got me thinking…Why wouldnt cfp.exe automatically restart and why is cfp.exe not a service ?

In services.msc i see the COMODO Internet Security Helper Service (cmdagent.exe) listed but no cfp.exe, which was a surprise to me. My understanding(possibly wrong) is that cmdagent.exe controls/runs the rules but is not the actual firewall software(cfp.exe).

So, why is cfp.exe not a service ? If i am correct (and cfp.exe is the vital component) would there be any problems with creating a user defined service so that the program(and computer if necessary) automatically restarts such as:


ps. i should also mention, that yes i have the logs of the error, but solving that issue is not my concern as listed above. So i’ll deal with that as a separate issue.

Hi Steve. Regarding your message CIS had to shut down, more info might be required. Regarding cpf.exe, the name of this can be a little misleading and it is the GUI, not the protection service. cmdagent.exe is the service that is running your protection modules. cmdagent.exe is the critical service.