"Cfp.exe not responding" on WinXP shutdown

cfp.exe hangs shutdown of XP SP3 with latest Microsoft updates!

I’ve had to roll back from the latest version 5.5.195786.1383 to version 5.3.176757.1236, because cfp.exe hangs shutdown until it finally times out. The latest version also hangs my dial-up connection. The earlier version intermittently hangs shutdown, but not enough to terminate using either product. Startup Delayer reduces the incidence of hangs to a tolerable number with the earlier version.

I’m also using the following AVG virus software version:
Virus DB: 1518/3792
AVG Version: 10.0/1390
License Type: Free

Perhaps AVG and Comodo are incompatible; however, I’ve been using both Comodo and AVG for a long time and don’t want to change.

Would appreciate any suggestions.

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