CFP.exe listed twice in Start-up... ?

I seem to have 2 identical Comodo entries in start-up: Comodo Internet security C:\Program files\Comodo\Firewall\cfp.exe -h

should I disable one? thought I’d better ask before doing it, thanks.

If you’re sure they’re identical then go ahead. You’ll need to look at the properties first of the entry first. Are they in the Startup folder in the Start menu or in the registry or something else?

Yeah, I was wondering about that too.

The cfp is listed twice in the msconfig startup listing, and I confirmed it by looking at the bootlog.

If it isn’t necessary to have the second one I’d save a whole 3 seconds on the boot!! lol.

I think I’ll uncheck one and see what happens. They do look identical.

Well, I did it.

But I noticed, using both Autoruns and Mike Lins startup panel, they were named different things. One was Firewall Pro, the other Internet Security. But both names ref’d the same exact folder, file and even the -h.

There were two different refs in the Run folder in the registry.

So, I unchecked the Firewall Pro one, and now that reference is gone and all seems well.

I use Mike Lin’s Startup Control Panel to disable startup’s. I’ve been warned not to use msconfig, though I’m not sure of the reason.

I also ran the firewalls diagnostic and it said I’m fine.

Time will tell, I’m not telling you to do what I did, you might wait till someone more experience has some words.

Now I gotta decide what to do with my extra 3 seconds.

You need to get rid of the Comodo Firewall Pro one.


Hey Josh,
Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, I was checking out my bootlog for other reasons when I noticed the multiples. Thus I thought I’d look to see what was said in the forums. Since I don’t recall multiple entries before, it must have had to do with the recent update.

Now I gotta new problem… Seems Comodo has the new CIS. My product say’s it’s the version # of the current CIS. But no matter what config I choose, with reboot, I end up with the same old, but great, firewall. Am I correct in thinking I need to do a clean install?

(FYI, I have been looking through the board here, alot today, to try to get my questions answered, I failed, thus I write.)

And most important to me, Are you guy’s telling me if I install CIS, and use whatever config enables both firewall and AV, that I could then uninstall my current AV?

If CIS system resources are smaller than what I use now (Avast, with no complaints, other than the huge memory take with each daily update, till I reboot), that’s a big carrot to hang out in front of me.

That’s really what I’d like to know here, can I uninstall with confidence my current AV after installing CIS? Or uninstall it before installing CIS might be the best option.


If you only see Firewall & Defense+ on main GUI, You only got the Firewall, No AV. :slight_smile: CIS (AV and all) is even lighter then previous versions, Right now on my system cfp.exe is using 5,224 K & cmdagent.exe is using 2,536 K. That’s 7-8MB all up, Very light. It even gets down to 3MB all together. And yes the multiple entries were the update, many people reported it.

I see no problem using Comodo AntiVirus, It’s light and the database it’s expanding GREATLY, 4,000 signatures a day are being created & updated to the AV in CIS. This will improve further in the future. Also, To add the Antivirus or remove the AV - All you have to do is go to Add/Remove Programs, Click Remove CIS/Firewall/AV and either add/remove the AV Component. No uninstall or reinstall required! just a simple reboot. You can find info here:

From my knowledge, No vendor who made a Internet Security has done this before where you can add & remove things in a reboot.



I did uninstall Avast and then did as you said, used the cool add/remove feature. Worked like a champ. I got the full CIS now.

And I can’t believe my eyes!! 4 more processes wiped from my machine. I want to cry!.

To say, Avast was a very good alternative to the McAfee I was using before.
Been using Avast and Comodo for a bit over a year now. McAfee is supplied free from my expensive broadband, but Mc’s overhead was so high.

And I’ve been putting CIS through the test… firefox is faster, the one online game I bother with does have better frame rates. And all the memory that shows up at boot, instead of waiting for it (not that I really needed it, or was waiting for it but…it’s the idea that counts :slight_smile:

Too cool.

Thanks for the help. (R)

No problem SandWater.

CIS is designed to be a very fast, efficient & powerful suite. 2 Processes is pretty good for 3 Components (AV, Firewall & D+). :slight_smile:

Look at the Memory Usage. :slight_smile:

Lombardo: Hows things?