"cfp.exe is not a valid Win32 application"


Immediately before this error message I had attempted to load Copernic Desktop Search and had marked it as an Isolated Application, rather than an Updater or Installer. When I tried to enter Comodo to make Copernic etc a trusted application, I got the above message.

Version 3 of the Comodo Firewall Pro
logging in as User
Windows Firewalll was uninstalled before installing CFP
ThreatFire was suspended after installin CFP
Applications running when problem occurred - Thunderbird Firefox Word MSN

I hope someone can help.

hi Shoshin, try running comodo in training mode.

Look under D+/Advanced/Computer Security policy for anything that is being block. Have you looked at your logs?

The problem was that I couldn’t open Comodo in order to find out what was going on. Then I found I did not have permission to use any applications or even to shut down and restart, getting the message “You do not have permission to shut down and restart this computer”. I then scanned in safe mode but it found nothing, nor did AVG (but it showed a lot of locked files).

It then reported that “Defence+ is not functioning, use Diagnostics” but that didn’t come up with anything.

I have now uninstalled it, and may re-install later.

Many thanks for your support so far.

Sounds like you blocked explorer.exe instead of blocking the actually program. You need to read all alerts properly. The program on the left of the alert is the program explorer.exe. The program on the left is the program you are trying to run. You need to allow explorer to run that program. Then after that you will get an alert about that certain program trying to run.

Hey shoshin; Can you try a full re-install?