cfp.exe high CPU when installing

When I install a program or run some updates such as Windows Update, cfp.exe completely uses up on of my CPU cores during the entire install process.

If I am running new installer, whatever program I used to launch the installer from (windows explorer, or firefox) will lock up until the first prompt appears from d+. I then switch to install mode and the launching program becomes responsive again. However, while the install program is continuing, cfp.exe is pegging my CPU core. The usage goes down if the installer is waiting from a prompt from me.

In addition, for one program I was installing, BO clean pegged out instead of cfp.exe.

Besides BO clean, I run Avira as my other active scanner. I also run Sysinternals process explorer

I can reproduce this problem on to separate computers, a laptop and a desktop. The laptop runs Vista Business 32 SP1 and the desktop run Vista Business 64 SP1. Otherwise, they have nearly the same software.

I’ve attached the log file from the script that was posted in one of the stickies.

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