CFP.EXE high CPU load

it’s happened twice already, when leaving my laptop idle for a while, and it’s not set to go into sleep mode automatically, when I get back I can hear the CPU fan pretty loud, see on my desktop gadget that CPU is high, check taskmanager and see system (NT kernel and system) and CFP eating CPU time. CFP takes about 50%. I never had this with the last version (574)

ps: I’m running Win7/64 and CIS 3.13.125662.579 (clean installl, no CAV) / ProActive Security / UAC on / Avast5 “free” beta 3 (latest build) / Windows firewall off / Windows Defender off

Can you see with Resource Monitor if there is another process that is generating a lot of HD traffic that cmdagent may respond to?


thanks for the feedback. I’ve reinstalled CIS in the meantime and it didn’t happen again so far. The thing is I shortly had MSE (ms security…) installed as non resident when it happened and I’ve removed it completely now. MSE causes CPU load issues sometimes, may be there was a conflict. And no I never use two AV at the same time usually, just wanted to confirm a scan from avast with another AV.
Anyway I’ll check in resource monitor for HD activity if it happens again :wink: