cfp.exe - error adress ( 0xc00000 1d )

omg this sucks i get new error from Comodo Firewall and the Comodo Memory Guardan dont help all time, fore my firewall sucks big time (:AGY)

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Thanks for your understanding,

(:WAV) gibran

i donte have no problem after a uninstall avast from my hard driver and no problem after runing 4 - 5 times to se if the comodo is okej en still it is (:NRD)

now i have only Comodo Antivirus and no more avast

i have Comodo firewall + Comodo Memory Firewall + CBOClean and no problem than after 4 - 5 times and i hope the is problem is gone for now is okej :BNC

now i have start over 12 + and is okej (:KWL) :■■■■


i hope Comdo Antivirus go lite more faster in the next version to com

i think that avast as it becomes wrong fore comodo

oki Avast is the problem in comodo