CFP.EXE Doesn't Run At Startup

New to forums in general…
I’ve used Comodo for several years and and am very well satisfied with it.
However recently, I had a hard disk failure and ended up using a Vista machine I had (ug) and upgrading it to Windows 7. I reinstalled an updated version of CIS.
But now I can not get CIS (CFP.exe) to run at StartUp. CIS is present in the StartUp folder as well as in the MSConfig Startup Tab. In the MS Config view of startup, two lines therein describe that CIS should be booted at startup. Through web searches I determined to inhibit one of them, but that didn’t help.
I deinstalled CIS and reinstalled the latest version of it, but that didn’t help either.
I also can’t find where/how to set a user option within CIS to tell it that it should boot at startup…
Need some help please!

Hi and welcome peteyB,
Sorry to hear of this issue.
If it is no trouble could you please try another uninstall/reinstall, but in between uninstalling and reinstalling run the unofficial Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products in Windows Safe Mode if possible.

Same problem with comodo personal firewall free last version, sometimes cfp dont startup. Windows 7.