CFP.exe Does Not Start when Adding Hard Disks

I am using WinXP Pro with an up-to-date Comodo V3 and am utilizing no other firewall/anti-malware engines. I have reproduced this on two different machines; let me know if I should be putting this as a bug report.

If I install Comodo Firewall to either it’s default installation directory or to another directory on another hard drive everything works great until… I add other hard disks. I have a box set up to deal with disk recovery, imaging, and so forth. I frequently am adding different hard drives to this machine and every time I do so, whether PATA or SATA drives, I get an error on boot that says:

CFP.exe is not being started from the installation directory.
You should run it from \Device\HarddiskVolume1\Program Files\COMODO\Firewall to make it function properly. Do you still want to continue?

So it seems that it is physically mapping the hard disk via \Device ala \dev in GNU\Linux… so is there any way I can keep a certain hard disk as continually being HarddiskVolume1? I’m guessing when I’m adding other hard disks my main boot drive for Windows changes to something like HarddiskVolume2.

Misscellaneou\diagnostic should be able to fix this.

Check out this thread about adding hard disks: .

Thanks for the reply’s; my situation is the same as the OP’s problem in the link.

I constantly change hard drives so running the repair/diagnostics every time would become a tedious endeavor since it requires restarting the computer. Any reason why V3 hard codes the hard disk using a device block? Wouldn’t it be better to use the built-in Program Installation Path variable %ProgramFiles%?

I guess this need a bugreport.
The only solution is to stpo windows to reassing devices.