CFP.exe crashes while purging files in the "waiting for review" screen

CFP.exe crashes every time I try to purge files in the “waiting for review” screen. Screenshot attached.

Been running CFP since the alpha version and I regularly purge before i review the applications. This task is not unusual but this happens to be the first time I have seen such an error and rebooting has not fixed the problem.

CPU → Intel Core 2 - 32 bit
OS → Windows Vista Ultimate
Security applications → Avira Antivir free PE, Winpatrol, PC Tools Spyware doctor
Symptoms → Clicked on waiting to review on the summary tab and then hit purge.
Defense+ → Clean PC Mode
Firewall+ → safe mode
Administrator account with UAC Disabled

[attachment deleted by admin]

Vista Ultimate with SP1
CFP Version →

I’m seeing the same thing (repeatedly/consistently) when attempting to purge files … CFP, XP Pro SP3. No change following reboot; runtime errors continue with each purge attempt.

(Other than running on Pentium 4 with XP Pro, other CFP parameters the same as OP above; also running CAVS, CMF, BOClean, SafeSurf, w/no other third-party security-related progs in place [have had this configuration for a while, though, with runtime errors beginning just today].)