cfp.exe cpu utilization...

Hi all…

While I was playing Call of Duty 4 online last night on my dual core laptop, cfp.exe went nuts and started chewing on one of my cores. It wouldn’t let me kill the process (told me access was denied) so all I could do was power down the laptop.

Is this a fairly common issue? Is there anything I can do to avoid this in the future?


Well of course you couldnt kill the Comodo process. Thats normal and if you could then having a firewall would be worthless cause then anybody or any malware could easily disable Comodo. As far as Call Of Duty 4 make sure you start Comodo in training mode. Both Firewall and D+. After playing the game for 5 minutes then exit out. Call OF Duty 4 uses Punkbusters. Make sure Punkbusters A and B are trusted and also have Call Of Duty 4 trusted. I play WOW,COD4,BF2,C&C 3 TF2 and many other games and Comodo is the lightest firewall around. You need to use training mode first then put firewall back to training safe mode and D+ to clean pc mode.

Thanks for the response, but I keep Comodo in training mode. Upon starting CoD4, I got all the pop ups for the PB and allowed them. The cpu utilization was after playing for an hour or so.