Cfp.exe CPU usage constantly at 30-50% with all FW systems off

Defense + = disabled
Firewall = Disabled

Running XP SP3 (just installed) with Avira, Spybot. (Makes no difference if I disable these). Also CMF (have not tried disabling)

Did you reboot after disabling Defence+ also this does not stop the service from running.

Just tried this, and strange, problem went away and did not return when I rurned defense plus back on. Maybe because it is not really on till the next reboot? Will try later.

Thanks for your help.

Please check the Defence+ event logs if this occurs again.

Logs show Process Explorer (Microsoft/Sysinternals accessing the memory of many processes, and thus causing cfp D+ events. I have a group called ‘difficult apps’ - one stage on from trusted apps - all D+ monitors turned off. So I have consigned process explorer to this group. OK so far.

IMHO cfp.exe may have problems whenever it meets an app that monitors all other apps. Idrive & IdriveE backup programs ( also do this, and cause cfp spikes. Probably becuase they used to have their own ‘hot copy’ or ‘shadow copy’ technology before Microsoft’s was widespread.

Best wishes and many thanks

It is usually only a problem when they try to access CPF in the memory (It protects it memory) and as they are not allowed they keep trying for some time.
I have none on XP but two on Vista which I had to allow access too CFP memory BOC427 and eDSloader if I did not allow eDSloader access to CPF memory it would take approx 5-10 minutes extra to boot.
EDIT If you find anything trying to access CPF3 in the memory link below will show how, please try to only add security programs to this list if at all possible or do as Kyle has suggest and put CPF in the exclusion list of that program if possible.;msg196892#msg196892

So I guess cfp needs to handle this in some elegant way - at least tell the user and suggest a remedy, pointing out the risks.

Interesting discussion, thanks

Please it would be nice if one of the moderators put a post in Important Topics explain how to include a program access to CPF3 in the memory and to explain the risks involved.
There has been quite a few users asking recently.
Many Thanks

Perfect - and in future versions, I guess CFP should trap this problem in software and inform users what to do.