cfp.exe changes to cfp.exe1

Hello everyone.
My friend downloaded the Comodo Firewall two weeks ago. 2 days ago he noticed that the cfp icon suddenly disappeared. He went to the cfp installation folder and found that cfp.exe changed to cfp.exe1, he changed it back to cfp.exe and re-boot his computer but it’s not use, the cfp.exe changed again to cfp.exe1 and of course cfp didn’t up in boot. It’s happens after every re-boot. Does Comodo Firewall hacked? Any suggestion?

System Info:
Windows XP Pro 32-bit.
Pentium 3 1.0 Ghz.
Anti-virus: Nod32

P.S: He downloads files 24/7 and at least 3 ports are open always for p2p applictions.

Did he do a System Restore recently? Try doing a complete unisntall and reinstall. I use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode. When Comodo says reboot don’t and click next on Revo and delete the registry and program entries it finds.

Liron Jan,
Suggest your friend to verify hash (md5/sha1) of Comodo installation file (hashes can be found on main download page). In case those on main site are different, re-downloading of package may be good idea. Checking for viruses with plugged out network caple may be also good idea. This utility can be helpful (no install needed - just download and run).
Complete re-install of CF like Vettetech suggested is also a good idea.

P.S.: don’t forget to disable Nod before running 3rd party av utility and before installing CF.