CFP.EXE at 40%+ CPU Usage

All of a sudden today - with nothing changing, CFP.EXE started churning at 40%+ constantly.

I ended the task, re-started it, and it continued. So I even closed everything out and then re-booted - same thing on re-start.

This is “out-of-the-blue”. Verified with Update check that this is the current version (5.10.228257.2253).

I have also verified that only Trusted Applications are running.


I can also disable each component (Firewall, Defense+, and Sandbox) and CFP.EXE just keeps churning. Also, the “Repair” option is grayed out, so I can’t run that.

Thank you for any assistance.

Hi DeathStalker77,
The steps in the FAQ below that was kindly posted by Mouse1 could be of some assistance.
Solving High CPU problems

Unfortunately, none of those resolve the problem.

As I said, everything was fine and then it suddenly started. No way to tell what is setting it off.

I did a full uninstall and re-install. Will see whether it crops up again.

Sorry nothing in the above helped.
Good luck with the new reinstall (Fingers crossed). :slight_smile:

Hmm the FAQ includes a bare metal re-install :wink:

Best wishes