cfp.exe Application Error 0xf7b02550

After each boot I get an error message:

PopupSyncId2.exe: cfp.exe - Application Error
The instruction at 0xf7b02550 referenced memory at 0x0000007b.
The memory could not be written.

COMODO FW VER: CIS_Setup_3.8.65951.477_XP_Vista_x64.exe
OS: Windows Vista x64 SP1

Please fix it.

Please update to the latest 3.9 and see if the error was fixed. There are a lot of fixes in 3.9. Get it from here: .

It is recommended not to import your 3.8 configuration as there have been some changes to the default policies. Uninstall 3.9, reboot and then install 3.9.

possibly related to:;msg281858#msg281858

Uninstall And Reintstall CIS From Safe Mode
If Still You Get The Error While Booting, Then Check After Stopping The Windows Driver Foundation - User Mode Driver Framework Loading On Startup.
Update Us With The Results

I get an error WINDOW:

Title: PopupSyncId3: cfp.exe - Application Error
Text: The instruction at 0xf7d22560 referenced memory at 0x0000007b. The memory could not be written.
Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program


Hi Denzzz,
From You Previous Post About The Error And With This One I Can See That You Have Updated The Vista Service Pack And The CIS Application. However, You Are Still Facing The Same Issue. Normally The Reference Memory Error Would Occure Because Of RAM Module, Corrupted Services (It Can Be Either Microsoft Or Thirdparty) And So On. If Possible Just Check Cleaning The Memory Module Or Try To Replace With Other , If You Have One. If Its Not Possible, Let Us Know So That We Can Skip This And Move With The Rest Of The Steps To Narrowdown The Issue.

Hi Denzz. Adding to Napsterz I suggest to run a memory test with Microsoft’s Windiag. Let it run for at least 10 rounds. Before testing undo any overclocks you made,

When it finds one or more errors your memory is broken. When your memory consists of two memory modules test them one by one.

Keep us posted.