cfp.exe and explorer.exe

Win 7 x64 and Comodo Firewall and Defense+

Is it normal for cfp.exe to be running under explorer.exe? That is what Defense+ active processes shows. i could have sworn that when I installed Comodo ver. 5 that cfp.exe ran independantly.

I seem to recall it did run under Explorer for a while now. But, honestly I never really focused on it.


Cfp.exe has been under explorer.exe since 3.14. See image. I also attached one for the first CIS 5 version. I believe it was 5.1.

Images were taken from an old post i wrote to mouse1.

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I wrote a .vbs script to kill explorer.exe to see if that would take down cfp.exe. Never got that far. Defense+ stopped the execution of the .vbs dead since the script name was unknown. I know - lame attempt.

Cfp.exe running under explorer.exe still bothers me.

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