cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe are shutting down randomly [Resolved]

From about month ago I get random shutdowns of Comodo Firewall nevertheless if I’m (not) playing games or browsing/watchin’ vids. The two executables, cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe, became killed nice and silently and the icon in a systray disappears :o There aren’t freshly installed apps.

System specs:
[the machine is not clocked]
cpu: amd be-2300 (64bit)
ram: 2x2GB DDR2[ at ]800
mobo: asrock nf7g-hdready (latest bios 2.10)
videodriver: 169.21 (Video 7900GS[ at ]stock)
os: Windows XP SP2 Pro 32bit + 10-15 updates more
account: Administrator
DEP: default option
Defense+ : Disabled
Firewall+ : Safe Mode
other security software: Avast 4.8 Home Edition with license key
BSODs: Just one for a year ;D defective ram module

I’m uppin’ the topic…
The problem still occurs with the same config on the new
cfp.exe was closed 4 times today during gaming… :-\

Also I now attach the cfpreport file:

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thats really odd. Never heard of that one. Why don’t you try doing a complete uninstall and reinstall using Revo Uninstaller. Any reason you dont have D= enabled? If your having problems with any product its always best to do a fresh install. Also follow this to clean up any left over files.

This is surely not my point to make fresh XP install - I’m tryin’ to beat some uptime records ;D
Now seriously I tested on virtual machine with nice and smooth run w/o this problem.
Now I’m thinkin there was a memory leak in one of apps - sometimes I’ve got a ms triangle in systray who’s warning for low resources. My page file was set to 256-256MB moved to 512-512MB two days ago and before 5mins I set it to 2048MB.

p.s. I don’t like how often D+ asks me and that’s why turned it off :a0

D+ asks you once then once a program is learned thats it. Did you try training mode? Did you try manually adding your programs to D+ which is what I did. No alerts after that.

Yes, but that’s not a major problem for now. After my last post I tested it with torrents again with the new page file size a couple of hours till 1 PM today. The incoming traffic was steady 47-48mbps and outgoin’ was 22-23-24mbps. There is not unexpected shutdown, just systrayicon disappear and cfp.exe is running in TaskManager.

There’s a light in the tunnel - on Windows XP Pro 64bit SP2 everything is fine but cfp.exe continuing to shutdown like never before under 32bit… Today around 10 times

Is it terminated with some error message?

This problem is in discussion on some romanian forums where some people encounters the same problem in Vista with cfp.exe aparently is shutting down when the user right click on an aplication to add a rule.
The latest version is in discussion…

Can they provide crash dump(s) ?

There is also someone over Softpedia forum reporting a silent crash upon the generation of D+ alerts~

I asked them about crash dump(s)…

Thanks :-TU
They can send crash dump(s) to :wink:

OK, I fix the problem. According to Event Logs the COM+ System Application process C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllhost.exe /Processid:{…} closes itself and cause permission incompatibility with apps installed most likely after one of Comodo updates. The solution is just to download COM+ Roll 14 or the latest one from ms support and install it:

During research I’ve found another strange behaviour of MS DTC - more apps and apps transactions lead to many errors and (i don’t know really) bad? security. The solution is to stop and disable these two services:

Distributed Link Tracking Client
Distributed Link Transaction Coordinator

I don’t know if this has an effect when you are under domain controller or active directory

Good you managed to solve issue. It seems described issue is not CF bug.
But feel free to PM any mod to re-open topic if issue will return.