cfp.exe x32 Crashes Upon Selecting 'Open...' on System Tray Icon

I click on the Send Error Report, but with cfp shutdown, was it able to do so? I have the crashdump uploaded anyway and can easily reproduce it :o:

  1. Right-click on the CFP system tray icon
  2. Select Exit
  3. Click No
  4. Right-click on the CFP system tray icon
  5. Click Open…
  6. Then click anywhere on any place…

[attachment deleted by admin]

I had similar problem it appears it does not like you to change your mind about exiting and clicking No.

Thanks. That shows it’s not just happening to my pc ;D

It’s not something you would do normally you would just exit that is most probably why nobody else has posted this problem.
I had two different crashes and email the two zip files to Comodo.

Makes sense. Sometimes people randomly use obscure functions of a software and discovers a bug or two. And sometimes these little bugs might be tied to bigger ones, so in effect they assist many users (:WIN)