CFP Error with Trojan Remover

First I think you should know that I’m not talent in English. - -"

I’ve user Comodo Firewall Pro for a year, Trojan Remover too. I haven’t got any problem but after I’ve installed Window XP SP3 (Format the whole partition and new installed SP2 and then installed SP3 patch) when I tried to run Trojan Remover fast scan, it would error like this

It’ll stuck or hanged and not responding everytime it scan on CFP startup

Oh one more thing that might be useful, I’ve tried this fast scan on safe mode ,when CFP isn’t run, it work well but when I start CFP (in safe mode) and run the fast scan again it crash like before.

I tried to disabled NOD32 and run the fast scan - - it work perfectly. May be it’s because NOD32?

Any suggestions?

(Sorry again for my poor English - -)

More informations :
I use Comodo Firewall Pro 3.8.65951.477 and Trojan Remover