CFP + Dr.Web + BOClean

This thread is feedback/comment!

Feedback: u have to shut down CFP to properly install Dr.Web. Safe Mode is the best way to do it.
Comment: it’s the lightest real time security setup I ever had!

I’m excited to have found a setup that fits my computer and me :slight_smile:
Cheers (CLY)

Me too! :wink:


??? huh ??? 88) oh well i’m happy for you 88) ;D
maybe everyone should post his security set up here ;D

Or not 88)


I installed Dr Web awhile back to try it and never had to shut off Comodo. I never understood why people shut off D+ or Comodo in general to install things. Works fine for me. Simple use install mode before you install anything and put D+ in training mode.

Good idea. I actually didn’t care for Dr Web. GUI is weird and it uses 3 taskbar icons.