CFP doesn't start minimised after update


intel core2duo E6300 32bit
XP media center (=XPpro)SP3
nod32, superantispyware, winpatrol, CFP (:LGH),

since the latest update, CFP doesn’t start minimized.
I can’t see anything to alter in settings.
I have searched help for “startup” and “minimize”
I have looked through config.ini


I’ve got the same annoying problem.
The Comodo main window pops up during the initialization of the firewall and stays there until I manually close the window. Started with the .471 update and is still present with the .477. Occurs every time I cold boot the system (XP).

You might want to read some of the other posts here and see if your having any other issues you haven’t discovered yet.

Try this:

In XP: Start > Run > Type “msconfig” > Click “Startup” tab

In Vista: Start > Type “msconfig” in the search-box > Click “Startup” tab

Now, find this entry:

There should be two of them. Uncheck one.


Open CIS, then “Settings”

Follow these instructions.

Thanks jeremysbost!

That did it. So easy when you know how…
I wasn’t able to do the change through “Settings” in Comodo, didn’t have the admin rights, though I have. But uncheck Comodo in Autostartup and then check it again did it.


Fixed, thanks :slight_smile:
Out of interest, why two entries in start up one in quotes and one without?

To get Admin rights in CIS, close it and restart as Admin.