CFP doesn't block file modification by virus Win32.Sality.N

Tested on Vista 64 with CFP
Comodo didn’t stop patching some *.exe files.
I added my “Documents” and some other folders to “My protected files” and as a counter I deleted the “Executables” group.
I started the virus and always chose “Block” or the “Isolated group”. I did this a few times. Then I scanned my documents folder with Kaspersky and Bitdefender (of course they weren’t installed simultaneously) and they’ve found that some files were infected with “Win32.Sality.N”.

In the past there was a similar bug with such a heavy weight.

Btw: Detecting keyloggers on Vista 64 does work again now but it makes much more false positives than on XP 32.

Win32.Sality.N is detected name by Kaspersky?