CFP Defense+ hangs system (v3.0.20.320, x32)

The problem appeared while using the shell extension from Squeez to zip some files. It didn’t happen with other applications until now on my system. It leads to a complete hang of my system, the screen is flackering and I can’t do anything but switch the computer off.

To reproduce this, set Defense+ to paranoid mode (be sure, there are no rules concerning window messages for squeez.exe), and try to zip some files with the shell extension. Click on the button to change the target directory, try to change it → hang!

Since I suspected Defense+, first I set it to disabled and had no problems, all worked fine.
Then I set it to training mode and saw, that if I execute the shell extension, a rule is created to allow a window message to cfp.exe
With this allow-rule, the shell extension works flawlessly even in paranoid mode.

I was using an user account with admin priviliges. This was the first time, a window message was sent to cfp.exe (I didn’t get any warnings before…), so I can’t say, if only Squeez is affected, or if this is a general issue.

My configuration:
CPU: AMD Turion64, 1.8GHz
OS: WinXP SP2, 32bit, IE7 and hopefully all relevant patches installed, DEP enabled
Other security software: Avira AntiVir
used Squeez version: 5.61.5260, unicode