cfp defence plus and threat fire

threat fire is a behavioral blocker. is defence plus a behavioral blocker?? if yes, then it means i can switch off defence plus and use threat fire. whats your say on this?? and if defence plus is not a behavioral blocker then whats the difference / similarity between both. can i use both?? what you guyz say?? need explanation in detail plzz.

D+ is called HIPS. Its a behavior blocker and you do not need Threatfire running along side it. Read here.

ok i got it defence plus is a behavior blocker. now as both D+ and threat fire are BB then can i switch off D+ and use TF. and if i switch off D+ i will lose only behavior protection or any other protection too. do D+ provide extra protection than threat fire. i am asking all these coz my bro and other family member get irritate of the number of pop ups D+ generates and they simply click allow in irritation. i have observed that threat fire generates very few pop ups. so i thought if both BB provide same level of protection than TF is a better choice for my bro and family.

Do whatever you want but thats all the more programs running. Any behavior blocker involves user intervention. Threatfire also has pop ups. Seem like some teaching of how to handle alerts is necessary. Security is only as good as the user behind it. Your family members need to be educated cause if Threatfire or D+ gives them a malware alert and they just click allow then your system is gonna be infected. If you have muiltiple users of your pc and some of them are click happy then your better off using something like Safe Space or Returnil.

Few forum members run both Defense+ and Threatfire although there is no major issue IIRC there are some glitches that could impair keylogging detection.
Ref: Comodo Firewall w/ Defense+ vs. ThreatFire (;msg138224#msg138224)

TF was designed as a complementary addon to AVs and it is more behaviour oriented than CFP Defense+.

This said even if there are members that use D+ alongside TF I don’t know how many disabled D+ and run only TF.
On the pctools forums few members disabled D+ and run only TF (Official Site | Norton™ - Antivirus & Anti-Malware Software)

D+ plays an important role for CFP self-protection and integrity. This mean that when D+ is permanently disabled this protection should be carried by a 3rd party product.
As I never tested TF I don’t know if it fits this task.

The only thing I could suggest is to reinstall CFP as Firewall only + Leak protection and run it alongside TF.
As I never tested this I don’t know the level of protection you’ll archieve.

CFP Defense+ allow to disable most of its monitored entities and can be adapted to fit many scenarios.
As little I know about TF monitored entitiles there is no way to guess how to configure D+ to prevent any overlapping.

ok i went through the links you provided and after having a look to all the posts related to D+ and TF i came to the conclusion that D+ is superior than TF and a single hips security is better than having two hips security. thanxx for your support frds.