CFP Defence+ help to create rules

I am trying to replace EQSecure with CFP Defence+ gradually. I need some help.

1- Can I create following rules in Defence+( seems most are not possible at the moment):

  • Alert on creation of any file in root of C
  • Deny ( read/ write/ modify) access to a folder( secret folder)
  • Mark a folder so that no executable will be allowed to run from this folder
  • An child executable xyz.exe allowed to be executed by ANy PARENT.
  • An parent executable abc.exe allowed to be executed by ANy CHILD.

2- Where can I edit rules created by pop up alerts
about elevated privilages?

3- Does defnce plus intercepts remote code creation?
Seems it labels it in some other way as I never saw such a pop up.


Anyone please!


Seems most of these can,t be achieved. I will post it in the wish list.