CFP D+ scan tags Avant browser exe as a hack?

Hi Folks

Yesterday after allowing CFP to update, and having all that garbage update/install configuration issues that are well documented here already, the D+ engine asked to run a system scan after all was done. Even tho I told the installer to go Basic Firewall only, I decided to let it run anyway just for the heck of it.
Very surprisingly, it listed every instance of my Avant Browser’s main executable as an Adware “Anti.AvantBrowser”…WTF??

I have several instances of Avant browser installed on various OS drives, my Vista 64bit, Vista 32bit, and XP Pro 32bit installs all have Avant installed and the CFP D+ tagged each and every one of them as a problem.

Now I’ve used Avant for about 4 years solid now and I know full well that it’s not suspicious in any way/shape/form and it’s a well known and used browser with an excellent track record.

So I guess I have to ask…why the Heck does D+ consider the Avant executable as a suspicious file and tag it for removal???
I really think this one needs to be looked at by the CFP engineers and taken care of right away. Avant is NOT malicous, I’m a recognized security expert and my system is always clean, and Avant has not been compromised in any manner.

Has anyone else on the forum running Avant have this tagged as well? If so, please post about it here so we can get this looked into, or if anyone wants to install it and run an independent test to confirm this, please post this as well.

Thx guy’s-N-gal’s!


Since CPF dosnt have a resident scanner, it is quite possible avant acted as adware (trying to load into memory, show window from an HTTP address) that CPF simply assumed it was adware.

I can assure you avant is safe, submit the file to COMODO and hope for the best. :slight_smile:

I also had the same issue with the avant browser. Am running XP 2 32bit with Avast Home a/v & comodo pro 3.0 latest edition.

g3b (B)

I too got the same result with Comodo scan. It showed Anti.AvntBrowser as a threat and I chose to remove it.

Even before the Comodo scan, my Avant browser either used to hang frequently or the pictures/graphics/photos o the webpages would take 3-4 minutes to load (earlier it used to take hardly a few seconds).

The experience with Firefox is the same and that with the Internet Explorer is slightly better, but just slightly.

I tried to find out the possible infections using “AVG”, “AntiVir” and “Avast” anti-virus programs Also scanned using “Spyware Terminator” and “Spyware Doctor”. But there is no improvement at all.

Is my system infected by a Virus/malware? Which one would it possibly be? How to overcome this problem? Can anyone help?

I think is just another false positive from the scan feature.
I don’t see the reason to put a signature scanner in a firewall. If the user wanted to scan the system he/she would use his/her AV or an online scanner.

Hi Guys,
We will fix this FP in our next update, hopefully tomorrow (i.e. 19-Feb-2008).