cfp crashes when i click the links on alerts

when i click the names of the files on the defense+ and firewall alerts, cfp crashes. no error messages, nothing, it just just disappears.
using vista home premium 64bit

If you can reproduce this issue and find the crashdumps there could be a chance to fix this.
If you get a dialog to send the error infos to microsoft then it would be possible to get a crashdump.
How to find crashdumps in Windows Vista

CFP usually provide such infos when it crashes but sometimes it doesn’t. If You got a CFP dialog to send crash data to Comodo please do so.

If this is not much help I guess the only thing left would be to wait for other members who got the same issue.

i can reproduce the issue, in fact it happens every time i click on such links on alert popups but it doesnt seem to produce any crashdumps. cfp just exits without any notice or confirmation.

PMed Lead developer.