CFP crashes my svchost.exe

After a certain time of using the internet, or when my dialup is connected. I get on the internet or a game and svchost.exe crashes. Its the most important one too, the one that controls my modem detection, the GUI, everything gets ****ed up when that process crashes…

Is there some kind of conflict with the process and firewall, and also, no system or svchost is blocked by the firewall either…

Any ideas of how to fix this?

I use windows XP 32 bit SP2. And the newest version of CFP. It did the same thing with the 2.x version too.

I have seen (repeatedly during the past two weeks) svchost.exe crash as well. and I use Vista x64.

cfp does not causes svchost to crash.

may be in your system confoguration some dll (Non microsoft) is loaded with svchost and this one is probably blocked by D+

try removing your rules from computer policy and put D+ in training mode.
Let CFp create new rules for some of your apps.

give it a try

I didn’t believe it was CFP which caused my svchost to crash. The last program I had installed before seeing the crashes was BoClean. I removed it and so far I haven’t seen svchost crash (coincidence?).
I was thinking it may be interaction of both BoClean and CIS Beta 2. Not sure yet what caused it. As soon as I am sure CIS Beta 3 is very stable (so far so good) I will reinstall BoClean to see if I still get the crashes.