CFP Crash while other apps are updating CFP 3.9.95478.509/x32

Running CFP in Firewall only mode. Updated to CFP 3.9.95478.509/x32 a few days ago from previous version (3.8x?). Since then, the occasional (~1/mo) tendancy of CFP to crash and post a Microsoft C++ runtime error message (“terminated in an unexpected way”) has increased dramatically - to at least once a session - sometimes 3-4 times. Windows error reporting and CFP “sorry I have to close” error reporting pop up, also (sent lots of bug reports, when possible).

Cannot reproduce crashes, but they seem to be related to automatic update of Comodo BoClean 4.7 and PC Tool Spyware Doctor 6.0.1 - sometimes when a Defense+ dialog box is open.

Up to now, unlike previous CFP crashes, can always restart CFP without rebooting.

Normally crashes happen under limited user mode (where I do most of my work), but have occured as administrator, also. Have not been able to duplicate by manually updating security applications.

Also running NOD 32 AV vs.4.0.424. Have not determined that any crash has been related to auto-update of that application.

Anyone else seeing something similar? Don’t see anything much like it in the forums.

Will It Be Possible For You Check And Update After Performing A Clean Install Of Firewall From CIS 3.9 ?

Performed uninstall and clean reinstallation of CPF. Also disabled BOClean for time being. No crashes yet. We’ll see after a few days…

Sure. You Can Get Back To Us If You Have Any Issues And We Would Be Glad To Help You As Much As We Can.