CFP corrupted my OS

OS: XP x86

I have the latest ver of CFP and only had to re-install it once because one of the past updates corrupted the config file and CFP started wreaking havoc on my installed programs. But after re-installing CFP all was good. Fast forward to the present…I just updated to the latest ver (through the auto-updater) and restart - all went well. I even had multiple reboot post the update and still all was well - until on one boot - a CFP dialog popped up for one of my apps wanting access to the Internet.

Instead of doing my usual thing and selecting: “treat the application as an installer/updater” I selected the “isolated application” (I still can’t understand why CFP doesn’t include the “trusted application selection”) because the fact of the matter is that the process was neither an installer nor updater. That’s when things went pear-shaped. The moment I hit OK my system froze - so i did the obvious and rebooted. Now, I can’t access any of my programs (including system files such as msconfig or even WMP (so safe mode is inaccessible) I just get a dialog form windows saying “windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have appropriate permissions to access the item”. This problem is so debilitating it even prevents all my startup processes from running, including CFP; Anti-virus etc are all down. I don’t even have ‘permission’ to shutdown the computer, i have to do it through task manager >.<

I’m lucky i’m still able to access my files. But the otherwise the entire OS is inoperable.

Any ideas? (:AGY)

EDIT: It appears that i can’t copy (e.g. to a usb drive) any executables either. i.e. no file with the .exe extension (i can’t change either it because i run into the same problem). It appears that permissions for the entire OS have been messed around with.

EDIT Read this thread it might help instead of uninstalling CPF3 link below.;msg137806#msg137806
Isolated application means it cannot run any other proccess.
So it must have been one of windows major proccess that you select this for.
Can you get into Safe Mode (F8 on boot) to uninstall CPF3 or maybe you could try running CPF3 in Safe Mode if you can.
Delete the rule for the application you selected as isolated app. or change.

gah, I totally forgot about F8. I got into successfully un-installed CFP and now everything is back to normal. Thanks allot Dennis :■■■■

Guess i need to be more careful with those pop ups. Who’d have thought with just once click you could totally ■■■■■ your system.

We really need a log of the response to all pop-ups to sort out problems like this.

If you read the thread I put in my previous post you will see you are not the only one if you isolate explorer.exe it does cause big problems his solution was easier in some ways whilst you know what you are doing. ;D

The reason it’s not included is because currently CFP includes in the dropdown only those predefined policies that ‘answer’ your current alert with Allow or Block. The Trusted Application predefined policy setting for ‘Run an executable’ is Ask, so unfortunately it’s not included in the dropdown for alerts triggered by running of executables.

I’ve posted a few times on this issue, trying to nudge the Comodo staff into including all predefined policies in the dropdown box - i.e. treat ‘Ask’ as a first-class citizen please. I also just added this change as a wishlist request.