CFP constantly

I’m using CFP ver on WinXP pro with all updates in place. Logged on as admin.

I’m finding the CFP often asks for confirmation of applications that are already installed and haven’t been changed in any way. Its as though CFP is forgetting what apps are already installed and verified.
This behaviour is observed on 9 different machines across 3 different/seperate lans.
Most apps seem to need re-verifying evry 4 weeks or so.

Anyone got any clues on this? Rather annoying to have to repeatedly allow apps to access the internet.


Welcome to the forum, Malcom.

My highly recommended site to boomkark:** FAQs/Threads - Read Me First **:

[b]Constantly Same Alerts / Doesn't Remember Rules[/b],6908.0.html

If none of the above scenarios apply to you, can you please upload a screenshot? It may also be due to the Alert Frequency level set to high or very high. Low is my preferred choice (the default).