CFP conflict with K9 Web Protection (V3.0.17.342 x32)

K9 (latest version) ( installed on XP Home SP2, then install CFP, XP stops loading at the splash screen, disabled D+ but still no go, uninstalled K9 CFP works.

D+ : Clean PC Mode
Firewall: Train with Safe Mode

Actively-running security and utility applications
pc tools av (, comodo memory firewall (, rainlendar (2.2 b44), winpatrol (14.0.2007.1), weather watcher (5.6.25), windows defender (1.1.1593.0) Windows utilities (IMJPMIG8.1 MSPY2002 phime2002async phime2002a ctfmon)

(Turned out Safe Eyes problem resolved after PC Tools uninstalled)

Additional info: After installing CFP I installed Safe Eyes 5.0 but it is not working on my system, it is running but not having any effects on my system - my system runs as if safe eyes is not installed.

After uninstalled PC Tools AV and installed AVG 7.5.516, for confirmation I uninstalled Safe Eyes (which was working OK) and reinstalled K9, and the same problem occurred - XP stops loading at the splash screen (scrolling page). So it’s confirmed a conflict between K9 and CFP.

Hi All,

This is to confirm that the problem reported by sionghua also does exist on Windows XP Pro SP2.

I found that the last version of Comodo Firewall that works Ok with K9 Web Protection is

Installation of any later version gives following effect:

Windows boot hangs at the point intime when you see black screen with letters Windows XP and blue boot progress indicator. PC is hanging in this state forever.

It is possible to boot XP in the safe mode and uninstall either Comodo Firwall or K9. After this XP boots in the normal mode with no issues.

Sequence of installation (i.e. Comodo Firewall first of K9 first) does not matter. As of my experience, D+ off or on also does not matter.


Do you experience same problems if you deactivate Defense+ permanently under Defense+ ->advanced->Defense+ settings and reboot computer?

Or do you experience same problems if you choose “basic firewall” during installation of CF?

EDIT: Report about K9 and 3.0.18.

Same problem even after I turned D+ off permanently.

Hi All,

First time I faced the problem after I installed Comodo with “basic firewall” option selected, i.e. Defence+ off.

All other versions I tried also with Defence+ switched off.

Mmmm… actually couple of times I tried with Defence+ switched on - no difference.

I too have this problem and I have Comodo and the latest K9 (feb 08). Can anyone please give an indication as to whether the bug has been looked into seriously and whether it has been fixed?

What happened with me was that I installed Comodo, installed k9, then my pc wouldn’t boot properly. It would always crash when loading windows. Selecting last known good config allowed the pc to start but then Comodo would have errors and wouldn’t load. My fix was to format my hdd and install everything again. After taking k9 off everything worked ok but I don’t have k9 anymore and would like to use it.


I’ve also discovered the incompatibility of Comodo with the K9 web filter. I’ve tried booting up Windows XP with both program’s services shut down (without either one of them starting up) and XP will still not boot up properly- it just hangs there forever. I’ve tried installing one first, then the other second, but it will just not work if they are both on the computer at the same time. Unfortunately, I think we will have to wait for the conflict to be fixed by one of the two software companies (either Comodo or Blue Coat). I can’t complain too loudly because they are both free, but I love both programs, and it spites me to have to give up one. If anyone from Comodo is reading this, could you please come out with an update that will take care of this software conflict? Thank you very much in advance! I love Comodo! (L)

What follows this text is Comodo’s work around for this know problem. I performed this registry fix after the initial install on a virtual XP machine with success. It appears that the first time you reboot the machine it takes a while longer than a standard reboot. I expect that if you change the registry in safe mode you will get the same results. This works with the most current version of COMODO.

Comodo’s email to my ticket:


We understand your problem, Our developers are working on this issue.
Actually, There is a conflict in boot-up sequence of CFP and K9-Web
Protection that causing the XP to not load. Please do the following for
a temporary remedy.
1.Open the Registry
2. Interchange the Tag value of following keys
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\cmdhlp(CFP) and

For Example if the Tag value of
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\cmdhlp is 10 and
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\cwmtdi(K9) is 8, do
it as follows.
*HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\cmdhlp parameter
Tag” should be changed from 10 to 8 and
*HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\cwmtdi parameter
Tag” should be changed from 8 to 10.

If you are not familiar with Registry, Please take a Backup of it before
doing all this troubleshooting.

Technical Support

Just had the same problem with k9-Comodo no boot and the registry fix worked for me as well.
I installed k9 first and then installed Comodo.
At the end of the Comodo install, uncheck the auto reboot box, edit registry as per rmarek’s post and presto!
System boots

Ok, my ■■■■■ up. I got one of the registry values entered in hex. I corrected the mistake and now k9 and Comodo are working together.