CFP compatible with Avira's WebGuard? [Solved]

I plan to install Avira AntiVir Premium, which has a local proxy for filtering HTTP traffic called WebGuard. I want to add firewall software that allows me to control which applications access the internet and that asks me for permission before a new application accesses the internet.

Does Comodo Firewall Pro 3 have this feature when using WebGuard?

If so, I would appreciate explicit configuration settings instructions to achieve this behavior.

This thread from January suggests CFP3 doesn’t/didn’t have my desired feature:

I understand that a lot of anti-virus software uses a local proxy.

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Comodo works with pretty much 99% of apps. Yes Avira+it’s webshield works :slight_smile:

This might be an interesting read for you;

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Kyle, thanks for the link, but the link is to this same thread! I am interested to see the thread you intended.

J2897, thanks for the link to suggested installation procedure and settings. I am in the process of reading the user’s manual to understand them.

Here is the scenario I am trying to understand:

  1. Avira AntiVir Premium’s WebGuard proxy is trusted by CFP3’s firewall and Defense+
  2. Program X is trusted by CFP3’s Defense+
  3. When program X tries to access the internet with HTTP protocol via the WebGuard proxy, will CFP3’s firewall block access until the user grants permission?

I did a search for “proxy” in the CFP3 user’s manual, and I didn’t find any matches. I would appreciate a pointer to the page in the user’s manual that answers my question.

If a program is trying to access the internet CFP will alert you,

Program > Alert1 > Proxy > PossibleALERT2> Internet

It should alert you when it tries to connect to the proxy…
then after it does it might alert you if the program w/ proxy is trying to conect

Why possible alert2?.. it depends on your security level…


Did this help any?

Sorry about that SilentMusic, I updated the link for you.

Hi SilentMusic,
I`m using Avira Premium at the mo with cpf.What you need to do to ensure you recieve an alert for apps trying to connect to the net is,
1.Switch the firewall to “Custom Mode” and set the Firewall/Advanced/Firewall behaviour settings/Alert settings to “High”
2.Make sure the application does not have a rule for it in “Application Rules” and when you recieve a firewall alert make sure “Remember my answer” is not ticked or a rule will be created


Thanks to all the folks who replied. Each one was very helpful. I’m really impressed with the knowledge and helpfulness of the members of this forum.

I now have the information I needed to confidently uninstall Norton Internet Security and install CFP and Avira AntiVir Premium. After participating in the thread started by Kyle, I will likely not install the POP3 and HTTP proxy/guard components of Avira. But I’m glad to know that CFP is sophisticated enough to work with them.

:Beer :Beer Toast to everyone that helped


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