CFP/CIS stores configuration in registry (V=3.5.53896.424; X32)

Where do you find the entries? I followed the directions you posted, but there where only 3 entries there. Maybe Vista is different (assuming you have XP)?

It was in the Bug board, but (three b’s ;D) Ronny moved it (so pour all your arguments on him :P).

No i have Vista, but you have to “translate” your active profile to the number 0, 1, 2, 3 or 4 if you have imported a profile from a previous version.

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Pour them on me, i know Dev’s will say it’s a design issue.

Oh ok, thanks. Hmm…I just have 6? In the “Computer Security Policy” window, I have a lot more.

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Hi Jeremy,

What is your active profile name ? (Misc, Manage my Configurations, Select).

Proactive Security.

can you verify the name of profile 1, see screenshot

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Excuse me if it’s not my place to ■■■■ in, but on my system, Profile 0 is Proactive Security, 1 is Internet Security, and 2 is Firewall Security. I deleted 3, which was Anti-Virus Security. That was on a fresh install of CIS 3.5, not an upgrade.

Did you do the full install ? or did you leave out the AV ?

I left out the AV. 0 is Proactive. So I really have 112.

BTW, why did you white out the version #? Should people not know what it is?

no it was supposed to not mess up the picture :-))

By count of the registry, I have 82 main records for Defense+, but most of my records are custom policies with allow lists that reach 50+ entries themselves, which I’m sure severely adds to the registry bloat. Please tell me there’s something in the works to move Comodo’s rules out of the registry. :frowning:

268 D+ application entries at the moment, no idea how many rules of course.

Now are we really asking for the D+ rules database to be moved from the registry? We sure want to speed adding D+ rules up, but the exact method of achieving this doesn’t look obvious. For one, how about restoring earlier 3.0 algorithms (pre-3.0.14 I believe) that didn’t seem to cause the slowdown at all?

190 D+ records ATM, mostly Custom Policy. Still growing because reinstall of everything after a total HDD crasch. Thanks heaven for automatic backup of all important data.
Estimated about 230 records when all is finished.
So yes, registry isn’t a good place to store all this, it makes D+ very slow and some program times out when D+ processing their alerts.

BTW, I use full install of CIS.

I always though of having a lean system and a lean comodo database. however, checking the registry explains the terrible delays. please, switch to e.g. an sqlite database. can’t be too difficult, can it?

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HKLM\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro as a .reg file 6.40MB, and contains 43300+ files (values) in
17000+ dirs (keys).

Defense+ contains 370+ items.

Alert creation: every 20+, yes 20+ seconds and sorting out.

Using profiles and not each time storing the complete profile’s detail would downgrade the lot.


Exported to a reg-file I also have 2 MB in HKLM\SYSTEM\Software\Comodo\Firewall Pro and the D+ answers are getting slower and slower.
Comodo, please fix this!

Since using Defense+… every 1½MegaByte .reg file added registry values equals Comodo to saving the config (hanging basically) an extra 5+ seconds.

the way Windows works… if it’d be on a quad Intel i7… would not make much difference in time once a similar configuration…

It is during that timeperiod possible to use other programs, rarely an application that cannot handle this: a crash will occur, either with the program or Comodo.


I guess I’ll be staying with v3.0.14.276 due to this issue. :frowning: