CFP causing IE7 to crash?

Doing an online survey in IE7, I was asked by the survey to drag three text boxes (out of six) of different alternatives, to a certain area. None of those six alternatives was really suitable for me, but there was an option to type in my own alternative in a seventh box - and then drag this to that certain area. I did so, but immediately got the attached popup from CFP. I allowed the action, and the very next fraction of a second IE7 was shut down (without any errors as far as I could see).

Obviously it’s something Java related, but the question is, is this strictly a IE-Java problem or a CFP-IE-Java problem, or maybe a CFP-Java problem => Java-IE problem… I don’t know but I’d be glad if anyone has got a clue.

XP SP2, CFP, D+ in Clean PC Mode.



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I know its not what you want to hear but never use Internet Explorer. Get Firefox. You can look at your firewall rules and D+ rules for Internet Explorer and Java to see whats blocking things. You can remove all entires of Java and Internet Explorer then apply. Close out Comodo and start up Internet Explorer again. To see what the pop ups were for Java without using Internet Explorer simply go into C\Program Files\Java and open up the most current Java folder you have. Should be 6.0_04. Then go into the bin folder and double click javacpl.exe and jucheck.exe. That should reproduce your pop ups. Just allow them.

Byakuya, I have to use IE for some websites. :-\

Vettetech, I do use FF for 95% of all websites I visit so it’s not new to me. I also have the latest Java which the popup shows.

Unfortunately I’ve completed the survey so I can’t possibly reproduce this. :-[ The reason why I did it in IE in the first place, was that the survey was opened via a link in an email at my Outlook web access email, which works poorly in FF.

Thanks anyway,

You can use IE plugin for Firefox and make Firefox your default browser.

What’s the point with that extension, as it just brings IE into FF (I guess I’m missing something)? Why not use IE as it is?

As much as I like it slim, there is a conflict: I also like the latest versions of programs. Which explains why I check Filehippo once a day. :-[


For some reason they are the only exception. :slight_smile: