CFP blocks all internet connections [RESOLVED]

Hey there guys, I’ve just changed from ZA to CFP from many recommendations and just trying to get it up and running propperly. I’ve followed the noob install tutorial (and searched google and these forums for more info), its all set-up as far as I can tell but when security level is on custom it seems to be blocking all internet connections, browsers can’t even reach the router setup, and no data is being sent through the LAN. I have it set to ‘allow all’ so I can post this and do a bit of research.
So what’s this newbie done wrong? :wink:
Oh edit And Norton Internet Security is absolutely ravaging the firewall, it has made a million connections in the ‘activity’ section and is growing! I’ve turned off all possible updating features in the program and blocked it with CFP but its really enjoying itself…

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You are using Norton Internet Security? Are you using the firewall from Norton? if so I would not recommend using two firewalls at once - this could explain your problem. I think ccproxy is part of Norton firewall, and blocking it with CFP might prevent your internet connection working. Having two firewalls working at the same time is definitely not recommended.

If you want to use CFP you will have to fully uninstall all other firewalls. Also, both Norton and ZA firewalls have been known to have some uninstallation issues with both companies having to produce tools and instructions to help users with uninstalls:


Ah jez it was right in front of me! I turned off Nortons firewall, but I think its pretty integral with that version so I’m going to have to go hunting for another good virus scanner. I was only using Nortons because it came with some hardware I just bought.
Cheers :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do not want to use CAVS (though it is pretty good when combined with BOClean) you could try the free version of Avast as I know many users have had no problems using this combined with CFP.

BOClean is a good addition regardless of what AV you decide to use.

Keep your eyes peeled for the next version of CAVS though!

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