CFP asks me to allow connection even though I have allowed it in global rules

Hi guys,

I just installed Comodo Firewall Pro and defined some global rules
to allow all incoming and outgoing traffic to and from my LAN.

I thought i did everything right because i read this tutorial
but Comodo keeps asking me wether I want to allow the connection
when an application tries to connect to someone in my LAN.

Well i want that CFP allows EVERY connection from and/or to my LAN

Below are some screenshots of my global rules and the LAN network zone.

Any help is appreciated. =)

This is happening because CFP for outgoing connection attempts checks Application Rules first, if no permission for certain application is found, it asks you, and only then checks Global Rules.

Try to set Firewall Security Level to Training Mode and then launch all of your applications which connect to your LAN by turn. Then return to Custom Policy Mode.
This method absolutely doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be any MessageBoxes from CFP, but it’s the easiest way to reduce amount of them.
Much easier to place a tick Remember… once for one application.

So, why we need a “Global Rules” if every time when a new application connecting to the Internet CPF will ask for rule?

In my opinion the right behavior should be next:

  1. Check application rules (if rule exists → Allow/Block connection and exit)
  2. Check Global Rules (if rule exists → Allow/Block connection and exit)
  3. If rule doesn’t exist → Ask user for action


  1. Check Global rules (Allow/Block)
  2. Check Application rules (Allow/Block)
  3. Ask user

Those behavior I saw in Outpost Firewall and Tiny Personal Firewall.