CFP asks for approval, I grant it, then CFP hangs for up to 5 minutes...

Hi All,

I’m hoping someone can point out an easy configuration fix for me.

Windows XP SP3, Comodo Firewall pro

I’ve been using Comodo Firewall Pro for a while now…and it is still bugging me regularly, even about applications that I’ve long since told it the answer to.

The worst is that when i bugs me for an answer, giving the answer can hang my machine for anything up to 5 minutes. By ‘hang’ I mean that anything that uses the network is frozen. I can usually run other programs, or do other work, but once something uses the network I’m locked.

I guess that if either of these weren’t true I’d feel better, but with these two conditions, I’m looking for another firewall solution. This locks my machine 4-5 times per day…with some of those being on applications I’ve long since approved.

Thanks for any help,


the solution for your problem is absolut simple:

use the up to date version of a program that you use. its version 4.1 already. better update than choose another program.

make a fresh install to update.

Yes please uninstall this very old version and install latest 4.1.x.920 for optimum protection.