CFP and translation files [RESOLVED]

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I have downloaded the zipfile wich is containing some languagefiles. I also downloaded the translation utility.

Question: How can i import the translation files into the firewall? How can I make it possible to see the preferred language in the settings menu under the language tab???

I have extracted the zipfile in a folder wich is now containing the .txt translations. What must I do now with these files?

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Does anyone know how I can change the gui of cfp 3 into another language???

Could someone explain to me step by step how i can achieve this???

Any help is much appreciated!

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There will be a translation tool, but it’s running rather late. I’ve prodded one of the devs on this.

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HI Panic!

Thanks for your reply, I understand from your words that there will be come out a tool to easiliy modify the gui of cfp 3 into your own language.

It is better if the firewall has built in languages, but no problem i wait for the tool to come out.

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Translations will be out when Comodo Internet Security is out (End off June). I believe the question has been answered now so I will close this one, PM a mod if you need it reopened.