cfp and sopcast


I am having trouble getting sopcast to work with cfp. Every time I try to access a sopcast stream, and even though I tell d+ to allow the individual requests by sopcast, the stream never starts and IE locks up completely.

I suppose I have the option of just setting D+ to training mode to let it learn whatever it needs to wrt sopcast, but I guess I’m a bit nervous about doing that. Anyone have any opinions on the safety of sopcast? Or should one rather be worried about the websites that have sopcast embedded in them? (As should be obvious, I know little about security vulnerabilities.)

Thanks in advance,

I’m using SopCast, I don’t consider it very safe so I use it only for outgoing connections and as far as Defense+ is concerned I just let it in training mode.

I usually use use it to watch a sports game, like 1-2 times a month.