CFP (and/or CAVS?) preventing save of downloaded .exe files?

Hi, y’all … first off, I’m new to the Comodo line of software and still getting my bearings (and a security novice, more or less), so hopefully I’ll have given you all the info I need to below … I tried a search and didn’t find anything recent on this (though there may be and I just didn’t find it).

As of this morning, I’m unable to download and save .exe files via Firefox v2 to my desktop (or anywhere else I’ve tried), getting the “you cannot change the contents of that folder” error message (below/attached). I can, however, save with another browser (Safari worked fine). I’ve tried all of the Mozilla suggestions to potentially clear up the problem, to no avail, and I’m wondering if there’s something that has changed in either the Firewall (since it updated last night/this morning) or possibly CAVS (though I think it only did a defs update this a.m.); I had no problems previously.

XP Pro
running most current CFP, CAVS, CMF, BOClean, and SafeSurf.

It /may/ be a FF problem only, though since I’ve not updated that recently and CFP /has/ updated, I’m thinking maybe I need to tweak something in the latter? Anyone?

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This sounds like it may be something to do with a block in the firewall D+ settings. Try changing the firefox download location from Desktop to ‘My Documents’ and see if it works then. You could try looking under Computer Security Policy in D+: check the access rules for firefox to see if there are any blocked folders, particularly ‘Desktop’. A simpler way might be to remove D+ rules for firefox and then start from scratch next time you open Firefox.


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Thanks, that seemed to solve it … Firefox was listed as an “isolated application” and I changed it to “trusted” … interestingly, though I thought Safari had downloaded and saved it correctly, it hadn’t … it was a zero-byte file on the desktop – I just hadn’t received an error message.

It would appear that a lot of the application settings in the D+ Security Policy section are seemingly random now, and don’t really reflect any prior choices on my part as to privileges for the apps (or so it would seem to me on a quick glance). At least now I know where to go change them if I have problems, assuming the changes stick, that is.